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    President Hiroshi Yamamoto photo
    President Hiroshi Yamamoto

    After graduating from Kanazawa University School of Medicine, I worked at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Tohoku University, and Kanazawa University as a biochemist studying and teaching health and disease. I received prestigious awards from the Japan Diabetes Society, the Japan Society of Diabetic Complications et cetra, while having served at Kanazawa University as a trustee and as vice president for international affairs. I also served in the university hospital and the alumni association, and assumed my present position as president of Komatsu University in April, 2018. As president, I shall draw upon the experience, skills, and networks developed at the institutions above and enhanced by various academic and social activities involving members of Japanese and overseas societies, trustees at several foundations, editors of various international journals, and selection committees for international and domestic prizes.
    Komatsu University trains students to become active learners, highly qualified professionals and innovators, who can uncover and solve problems and contribute to the prosperity of any region where they live and work. Such training opens up new vistas for students, their communities, and the world. The research and education at Komatsu University are directed toward information-based science and environment-adapted engineering, establishing the basis for the happiness and health of future generations, and contributing to intercultural exchange.
    I look forward to the friendly and productive exchange of the intellectual resources of Komatsu University with those of overseas partners in the future.