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Outline of the Komatsu University
  • Mission Statement

    Komatsu University has adopted the following key principles to fulfill its core mission:

    (1) To educate and foster professional specialists with responsible maturity, who can contribute to their communities and the world.

    (2) To promote scientific innovation in the fields of production systems, health sciences,and intercultural communication to foster a sustainable society.

    (3) To make a positive contribution to co-creating an enlivening and flourishing society through citizen participation.

    According to the key principles above, Komatsu University aims to construct an academic base for the mastering, creation, implementation, and circulation of Human Intelligence and Wisdom (HIW) in order to promote the sustainable development of local and global societies.

    Primary Goals

    Education : Mastering of HIW

    HIW = Human lntelligence and Wisdom

    Komatsu University is committed to mastering authentic and efficient knowledge through its area-traversing education system, and endeavors to develop active learners who are capable of dealing with international and local issues.

    Research : Creation of HIW

    Komatsu University provides not only project-based learning with a global and panhuman vista, but also creates new values of intelligence and wisdom in the ingenious researches through freedom of imagination.

    Civic Contributions : Implementation of HIW

    Komatsu University contributes to the implementation of its academic accomplishments in the real world and to the development of human resources by way of a cooperative network connecting corporations, facilities, and institutes of this region.

    International : Circulation of HIW

    Komatsu University engages in communication with international institutions through collaborative research, faculty and student exchanges, and academic conferences in featuring the solution of global and universal issues.

    Human Right & Social Responsibility : Foundation of HIW

    Komatsu University strives to enlighten the future by being a respectable and vital element of society instilled with essential wisdom and humanitarian ethics, abiding by social manners and rules, while integrating each stage of the mastering, creation, implementation and circulation of HIW.