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Faculty of Intercultural Communication
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    With the population and number of children already in decline all over Japan, the number of people coming to live here from abroad is steadily increasing, and so is the number of foreign tourists.
    Komatsu City is home to "Hokuriku's Gateway to the Sky", Komatsu Airport, and also exploits a variety of cultural and historical traditions, including the representative Kabuki play "Kanjincho".
    Our university strives to create a global network for cultural exchange through internship and research, in which "global" human resources can thrive.

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    Introduction of Faculty

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    Specialized Area

    International Exchange, Intercultural Communication, Japanese Culture, Tourism Studies, International Sociology, Languages and Cultures, Foreign Languages: English, Chinese

    Overseas Language Training, Intercultural Experience Practice (Students in the second and third year)
    These are conducted in summer (from August to September) or spring (from February to March) in cooperation with overseas partners. Students can understand experientially by putting themselves in different cultures, history, and society, and they can learn different cultures practically by touching activities in the field of tourism that make use of local resources.

    Overseas Partners

    Changzhou University, Southeast University(China)
    Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman(Malaysia)
    Chien Kuo University, National Central University(Taiwan)
    Prince of Songkla University (Thailand)
    Austin Peay State University(USA)
    APSARA National Authority (Cambodia)
    English Language Academy, The University of Auckland (New Zealand)